Get to know us!

For all of you who don’t know us personally, I would like to introduce ourselves.


My name is Olga. I’m a twenty-four year old of Polish decent. I’m also is a Nurse by trade. One week ago I quit my awesome job at the University of Maryland Shock Trauma center to move across 4 timezones to New Zealand. My boyfriend of five years has taken an exciting new opportunity with an Engineering firm located in New Zealand.

The company asked him to come train in NZ for a few months. Obviously I told him that I would be extremely jealous if he got to go to NEW ZEALAND and I didn’t. Also, we couldn’t be any more excited to finally start our lives together. So here we are!

After about five to six months in NZ, we will by moving to San Francisco, California. Which will be another adventure in itself which we are stoked about!

Please feel free to follow us on all of our many adventures! We will be posting on this blog, along with our instagram and youtube channel.

Instagram: bmore_adventurous

Youtube Channel

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