Many Tears & Good Cheers!

We spent our last weekend in Baltimore celebrating our amazing friendships and relationships by going to my best friends housewarming party, bonfires, taco dates, family brunch, and football parties! We ran around all weekend so we would get a chance to see everyone before we left, but it was more than worth it. Leaving is extremely difficult when you are leaving behind the most caring and compassionate people. We are very blessed to have such supportive and loving families.

We began our journey on Monday morning, bright and early. Our bags were finally packed, iPad & computers fully charged, we were ready to go! After saying goodbye to Chad’s parents and my parents, we were off to the airport. The hardest part was saying goodbye to my mom at the airport.


Our first flight started off with an altercation between a passenger and a crew member which resulted in this person being escorted off our flight and the flight being slightly delayed. After a couple hour plane ride to Chicago, we got off the flight and wandered around the airport in attempt to find some Chicago deep dish pizza. Belly’s full with pizza, we continued on to LAX in Los Angeles. We were kinda bummed that we didn’t get to sit next to each other on either of these flights but after our four hour plane ride we landed in LAX and prepared for our international lay over. After this experience, I am even more convinced that LAX is one of the more frustrating airports to travel through. This is just simply my opinion.

At this point, by the time we got to LAX we were already traveling for close to ten hours. Yuck! We freshened up in the airport bathroom, put on some airport PJ’s, brushed our teeth, and put the baby wipes we had brought to good use. We were ready to board Air New Zealand and cuddle up in our Sky Couch! If you want to know what a sky couch is, check out this link.


(Don’t mind the awful picture quality!)


Finally, after close to thirty hours of travel we arrived in Auckland, NZ at approximately 0700 AM. We caught a shuttle to the office where we needed to pick up our apartment keys and trekked a couple blocks with our luggage to our new place. We had only slept for a couple of hours on the plane so we were exhausted! After we settled into our new apartment, we resisted the urge to go to sleep. Instead, we went to wander around our new neighborhood to find some food!


Auckland blew us away! The city is so clean and up-kept. Everyone we have met so far is beyond friendly and helpful. This is the view of our apartment building:


After we took our leftover pizza back to the apartment, we grabbed our backpacks and headed to the “New World” supermarket. It was intriguing to wander the isles that held numerous unfamiliar items. We picked out some golden kiwi’s, organic goods, and Chad even convinced me to get some fresh lamb meat. We tried to buy wine but apparently our Maryland license’s are no good in verifying our age. We will have to bring our passports to the grocery store next time we want to buy wine. We lugged our groceries a short half mile walk back to our apartment, put them away, and immediately changed into our pajamas. We can not wait to crash into our new bed the moment 2000 hits! Hopefully we’ll be able to adapt to the time difference and start fresh tomorrow!

P.S.- I will try to get up a video documenting our adventure within the next couple of weeks! First I have to overcome the challenge that is iMovie.

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