Home Cooked Meals

Chad and I both enjoy cooking, therefore we were both super excited for our first trip to the grocery store. We stocked up on fresh fruits, vegetable, meat, and grains. Cooking with our all natural organic ingredients has been refreshing and rewarding.

DSC04253Our first home cooked meal was couscous topped with green beans, rosemary lamb, and tomato onion sauté. It was delicious! Of course no NZ meal is complete without some local beer.

We finished off every bite, cleaned up, and then fell into a sleep coma until the next morning.

After getting our first full nights sleep, I woke up early and felt inspired to make some more yummy food.


For breakfast I made a spinach, tomato, onion, and cheese omelets. On the side we had fresh bread with a fruit medley consisting of yellow kiwi, banana, and tamarillos. We also had to try marmite for the first time! Oh how salty!


Our most recent meal was teriyaki beef stir fry with broccoli, carrots, peppers, and onions over a bed of whole grain brown rice prepared by Chef Chad. Finished off with a glass of local Pinor Noir.

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