No one has a good hair day at Devonport.

Today was a windy & cloudy day in Auckland. Even though it was slightly gloomy outside, the sun was still peaking through at times and we couldn’t let the day go to waste. Therefore we decided to take a trip to Devonport!

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 10.33.45 PM

We were on our way after a $12 NZD ticket & a 15 minuet ferry ride! Once the ship arrived in port, we could immediately see how majestic the little town was. Mount Victoria couldn’t help but catch your eye.


Upon our arrival, we walked to the entrance of the park and began to ascend to the top of the mountain.  Mount Victoria is located on Auckland’s North Shore and it is the tallest volcano in the area, roughly 87 m (285 ft) tall. No worries, it’s an inactive volcano. The hike to the summit was quit treacherous.  But, along the way we saw some gorgeous flowers and amazing views.




We ascended to the summit of the mountain in anticipation of the rumored views. Our hamstrings and glutes were really suffering as we made it to the peak. Once we arrived at the summit, we were able to capture a few photos of the sweeping views of the Auckland harbor and enjoy a light lunch.DSC04319_edited-1

(The incredible view of Auckland and the Sky Tower from the summit of Mount Victoria)


(This is the opposite side of the mountain overlooking the other islands)


The coolest part is that there is a bar located on the top of the mountain called “The Bunker” where musicians meet every Monday and one Wednesday a month. We were hoping they would be open for a drink, but no luck. I guess we will have to come back during their hours of operation to listen to some impressive folk music.

We climbed down the opposite side of the mountain and made our way to Cheltenham Beach.



Cheltenham Beach in located in North Head which used to be a military bunker. The hill is lined with old military tunnels and cannons, as well as the greenest grass imaginable. We took advantage of the secluded environment and had some fun with our new camera. Here’s some pictures from our photo op.:


We then marched our sore feet back towards the town and the ferry building. Our steps at the end of the day totaled 17,000! Thats a little over eight miles, phew.


We had some time before the next ferry so we stopped by a local cafe to have our first cup of NZ coffee!


Best. Cappuccino. Ever.

Don’t forget to check out our youtube video that correlates with the day!

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