Sixteen miles within two days


Yesterday we woke up early, had some oatmeal, and went for a couple mile run. Yesterday was sunny and it almost felt warm outside when the sun hit your skin. After our run, we hurried home to bake some fresh cookies for our lunch date with Chad’s new employer. We made white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies. I forgot to take a picture since I had to hurry and hide them from Chad before he ate them all! I couldn’t find brown sugar at the store, so I substituted the brown sugar for organic coconut sugar which is also slightly brown in color. I was really interested to see how the substitution would affect the flavor of the cookies. They were a little less sweet, but equally as tasty. For all of you that don’t know this about me, I love to bake!


(This is us before we went for our lunch date!)

For lunch we had some delicious local Thai food! After that experience, we are super excited to try all the other Chinese, Korean, and Thai food that New Zealand has to offer. After lunch we head back to our apartment to do a little relaxing since we were planning on going out that night. Unfortunately our Comcast application doesn’t work outside of the states, but good old Netflix was there for us with a small variety of movies. Madagascar 2 was our pick.

That evening we had dinner at the apartment. We made chicken breast marinaded in olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, and red wine vinegar. This was topped with sautéed spinach with a tiny bit of butter and garlic. For a side we had Kumara (purple sweet potato). For some reason, ours wasn’t very purple on the inside. I will have to pick up some more at the grocery store and hope I get a dark purple one.


After dinner we got ready and went out to the bars! Ponsonby is a popular area to listen to some live music and grab some drinks. It was about a twenty minute walk from us, about 1.7 kilometers. Unfortunately, it was primarily up-hill! By the time we got to the bars, we were thirsty for not only a beer but also some water! After a few drinks at a neat little dive bar, and some great musical vibes, we head back downhill towards our abode. When we got home, my UP said that we had done another 8 miles today! Thats 16 miles in two day, no wonder our soles were a little sore.

Here’s a great picture I got of the Sky Tower lit up at night:



Today is a very wet rainy day here in Auckland. We slept in the latest that we have since being here: 08:30 am. We had a slow lazy Saturday morning, unlike the past few days. For breakfast we made crepes with peaches and russian fudge drizzle. In our possession we had some “Donovans Russian Fudge” which is a New Zealand based company in Waikato. We melted down the fudge cubes and topped off our crepes. This was the most un-nutritious meal we have made so far but the biggest indulgence.


After breakfast we had a little cleaning party! We did some dishes, the laundry, dusted and vacuumed our apartment. Since it’s a rainy day and we forgot to pack and umbrella or rain coats, we’re going to have a lazy day indoors. We took this opportunity to face time our families and our dogs:



Cheers to all our friends and family back home!


                                          The couch potatoes

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