Back to adventuring: Mission Bay, NZ

Monday, October 26th was Labour Dar here in New Zealand.

Since we had a day off, we decided to venture out and learn how to use the Auckland metro system and AT HOP card. This pre-paid card enables us to use the cities buses, trains, and ferries for a 20% discount. We caught the bus to the beautiful little seaside suburb of Mission Bay, New Zealand. Immediately upon exiting the bus we noted that there was a craft and food market happening.



The moment we walked into the market, we ran into the “Pukeko Bakery” which is known for making handmade artisan breads. You guys know that anything that has to do with food has Chad’s attention immediately. We sampled (and bought) beat-root ciabatta bread with pumpkin seeds, and capsicum ciabatta. From there on, we moved onto a the booth next door which was also selling baked goods. We bought a hazelnut tart from them! Can you tell I was excited about that one?


Wish we had more pictures of the incredible art work and crafts, but most artists asked not to be photographed. You’ll just have to take our word for it and trust that each stand was unique and enticing. There were local artists displaying their paintings, photography, woodwork, cuisine, and clothing. This was by far the best way to spend our Labour Day!

After we explored everything the market had to offer, we made our way to the short board walk and beach area.


Every time we get near the water I am truly astonished with how greenish blue and clear the water is. Here we spent a little bit of time sitting on a bench and watching other patrons walk by with their friends, family, puppies, or children. Every single person we saw that day had a smile on their face. How could you not when you have great food, pleasant company, and phenomenal weather.


After we spent a little more time just wandering around town, we head back towards the city center.

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