Halloween in Waiheke

Happy Belated Halloween everyone! We are loving seeing everyone’s pictures from Halloween.

Although we are bummed that we could not go out and celebrate Halloween with all our family and friends in costume, we did spend our Halloween in a very non-traditional way. We took a trip to Waiheke island and did some wine tasting.

Waiheke island is about 17.7 km off the coast of Auckland, easily accessed via a short ferry ride. The island has many hills which makes it an ideal geography for growing wine grapes. The climate is slightly warmer then in Auckland which made for a beautiful sunny day in paradise! We ran into a friend who worked on the ferry and invited us in to the captains quarters where I then commandeered the ship!


Once back on dry land, we started our exploring with trekking up the hill to “Mudbrick Vineyard”, our first stop of the day. Mudbrick has a very homey classic feel, with a ton of outdoor space and mahogany wood.


The views were down right spectacular.


We got to the vineyard a little ahead of schedule so we took the opportunity to take some selfies =P




At 10:00AM we had our first wine tasting! Yay! Who doesn’t love wine first thing in the morning? It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? All the wine at Mudbrick was phenominal, we ended up buying a bottle of Syrah.

The next event on our agenda was “Cable Bay Vineyard”, which was a short walk from Mudbrick.



Cable bay was really neat and super modern. Our favorite wine from Cable Bay was the Sauvignon Blanc, which is what New Zealand is known for. Our favorite part of the vineyard were the outdoor bean bag chairs that you could relax in. Who doesn’t wanna drink a glass of wine in a comfy bean bag chair facing this view!

Our next event was the main highlight of the day. I found a vineyard that had some awesome activities on site, “Wild on Waiheke”. Their main activity: Archery. I was super excited that I got the last booking available, and I wanted to surprise Chad. Unfortunately, I’m the worst secret keeper because I blew the surprise (by accident) within a couple of hours of making the booking. To see some footage of our first time doing archery, see the video below.

Archery and wine tasting at “Wild on Waiheke” was our favorite event of the day! Although it’s hard to pick one event since every place we went to was special in it’s own way. After archery we had lunch on the property. We have not eaten at a restaurant where the food wasn’t top notch, but this place in particular was “niebo w gebie”, which in polish means “heavin in your mouth.”


Chad ordered their version of a meatball sub with a fried jalapeno. I ordered a bread and spread platter with salmon spread, hummus, and olives. As a side we ordered beer battered onion rings and beer samplers. Who goes to a brewery and doesn’t order the beer sampler?


All the beers were tasty, our favorite was the non-alcoholic ginger beer. We’re figuring out that ginger beer is a big thing here in New Zealand.

During lunch, the sun came out and created the most perfect weather: slightly breezy with the warmth of the sun on your skin. I know we were warned that New Zealand does not have an ozone layer, but with us being professional beach bums I was sure that it wouldn’t be an issue to us. Boy was I wrong, thirty minutes in the sun and the spots where we didn’t put on sun block were turning nice and red. Luckily, the restaurant provided all it’s patrons with free sun screen.

photo 5

The next place we went to is called “Stonyridge Vineyard”. We didn’t do too much research on this vineyard before going there, but we were thrilled we had the extra time to go to this one. The environment was so laid back, and everyone there was in the mood to relax. We really enjoyed the scenery, the atmosphere, and the little amber doodle puppy that came to play with us!


Seriously though, how cute is this puppy butt?!


 This view…. woah.

After Stonyridge we were spent! From here we head straight to the beach for some serious relaxing. We planted ourselves in the sand and laid back to watch the sailboats.



We then head back to the ferry and back to Auckland!

P.S.- Here is the aftermath of the battle wounds I obtained during archery.


Leave it up to me to find a way to injure myself, typical. Thank goodness I went to nursing school, right? To manage to care for myself, haha.

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