New apartment!

Sorry we have been so behind on posting new content to the blog.

Our lease officially started on November 2nd so it was time to move in! We moved this past Monday so we have been pretty busy with relocating and settling in. Since we arrived in Auckland on October 21st, we needed a place to stay for twelve days until out lease started. This will be the official place we are staying in for the next five months!

Our apartment is located in the heart of the city, in the CBD (central business district), which is only a five minute walk to Chad’s office. The apartment/hotel complex we are staying in is called the “Heritage Towers Auckland”. The apartment is a small one bedroom apartment, with just enough space for the two of us. It also has a ton of amenities! The complex has a rooftop pool, an indoor lap pool, sauna, two gyms, tennis courts, and a restaurant.

(These are all pictures I pulled off the internet and the Heritage Towers website)


View of the roof top pool!



We can’t wait to play some tennis together!

Here is a little tour of our apartment for anyone who is interested!

One thought on “New apartment!

  • I loved the apartment and pool pics. Sure looks and sounds very nice. You have all the amenities of home and then some. You guys look great. We sure miss you . Love you


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