Auckland Zoo

Sunny Sundays are best spent at the zoo!

This past Sunday had the most perfect weather since we’ve been here. So we decided to spend it in the happiest place on earth, the ZOO!! Only a ten minuet bus ride from the city center, the zoo was a close and convenient place to explore. We packed on the sun screen and head in to see the animals!


I have never been to a zoo where the animals are all so happy and playful. Most zoo’s I’ve been to the animals just sleep most of the time and hide. This zoo, the animals were jumping, wrestling, and playing.

Chad got to see the Cheetahs he’s always dreamed about, and I fell in love with blue penguins!




We got to see giraffes, elephants, rhinoceros, monkeys, otters, birds, lizards, spiders, kangaroos, emu’s, ostrich, seals, and more. We got a chance to see kiwi’s up close and personal for the first time. Kiwi’s are night dwellers so their exhibit was in a dark cool cave. Therefore I was unable to snap any pictures or videos of them.


It’s difficult to describe how cute all of the animals are with just words.

The best way to summarize our trip is in the video below:



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