Auckland Zoo

Sunny Sundays are best spent at the zoo!

This past Sunday had the most perfect weather since we’ve been here. So we decided to spend it in the happiest place on earth, the ZOO!! Only a ten minuet bus ride from the city center, the zoo was a close and convenient place to explore. We packed on the sun screen and head in to see the animals!


I have never been to a zoo where the animals are all so happy and playful. Most zoo’s I’ve been to the animals just sleep most of the time and hide. This zoo, the animals were jumping, wrestling, and playing.

Chad got to see the Cheetahs he’s always dreamed about, and I fell in love with blue penguins!




We got to see giraffes, elephants, rhinoceros, monkeys, otters, birds, lizards, spiders, kangaroos, emu’s, ostrich, seals, and more. We got a chance to see kiwi’s up close and personal for the first time. Kiwi’s are night dwellers so their exhibit was in a dark cool cave. Therefore I was unable to snap any pictures or videos of them.


It’s difficult to describe how cute all of the animals are with just words.

The best way to summarize our trip is in the video below:



Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix

This past Sunday we were tipped off to an awesome event happening in our area. The 2015 Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix. Fifty teams were put up to the challenge of creating the most innovative non-motorized trolley to race for a grand prize of $10,000. The stakes were high and all the teams brought their A game.


Before the race’s started, I was able to snap a couple of pictures of the trolley’s:


Hakuna Matata


Tank You Santa


Turbo Toolbox


The Rolling Thrones




The Hoonag “Bat-Mobile”


Sinking Sensation and  Team Anchorman


The Intergalactic Ilabb Wagon


Project X


Last but not least, the WINNERS: Red Stag Hunters

No event is complete without a live freshly shaved sheep:


New apartment!

Sorry we have been so behind on posting new content to the blog.

Our lease officially started on November 2nd so it was time to move in! We moved this past Monday so we have been pretty busy with relocating and settling in. Since we arrived in Auckland on October 21st, we needed a place to stay for twelve days until out lease started. This will be the official place we are staying in for the next five months!

Our apartment is located in the heart of the city, in the CBD (central business district), which is only a five minute walk to Chad’s office. The apartment/hotel complex we are staying in is called the “Heritage Towers Auckland”. The apartment is a small one bedroom apartment, with just enough space for the two of us. It also has a ton of amenities! The complex has a rooftop pool, an indoor lap pool, sauna, two gyms, tennis courts, and a restaurant.

(These are all pictures I pulled off the internet and the Heritage Towers website)


View of the roof top pool!



We can’t wait to play some tennis together!

Here is a little tour of our apartment for anyone who is interested!

Get to know us!

For all of you who don’t know us personally, I would like to introduce ourselves.


My name is Olga. I’m a twenty-four year old of Polish decent. I’m also is a Nurse by trade. One week ago I quit my awesome job at the University of Maryland Shock Trauma center to move across 4 timezones to New Zealand. My boyfriend of five years has taken an exciting new opportunity with an Engineering firm located in New Zealand.

The company asked him to come train in NZ for a few months. Obviously I told him that I would be extremely jealous if he got to go to NEW ZEALAND and I didn’t. Also, we couldn’t be any more excited to finally start our lives together. So here we are!

After about five to six months in NZ, we will by moving to San Francisco, California. Which will be another adventure in itself which we are stoked about!

Please feel free to follow us on all of our many adventures! We will be posting on this blog, along with our instagram and youtube channel.

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